Is your grinder up to par?

Here are our tips for ensuring great tasting coffee on the Ratio Six!


1. See the picture above for the recommended coffee grind setting.

2. For coffee dosages, we recommend:

  • For a half-batch (650ml) of coffee, start with 42 grams of coffee.
  • For a full batch (1300ml), start with with 70 grams of coffee.



3. If your coffee is tasting sour, try adjusting your grinder a bit finer. If your coffee is tasting bitter, try adjusting a bit coarser. Small increments between adjustments are recommended so you are not over-adjusting at any point and having to work backwards. During brew, if you noted that your coffee bed was draining too quickly, you may want to adjust a bit finer. If it was draining too slowly, you may want to coarsen the grind a bit.


The Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder.


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