Standout Coffee Reviews the Ratio Six

The below review is from our friends at Standout Coffee

Filter coffee makers come in different shapes and sizes and now there's a new kid in the block; Ratio Six. Ratio Six by Ratio Coffee promises modern brewing techniques without any big hassle so that you can concentrate on enjoying your cup of delicious filter coffee. Let's see if Ratio Six can keep its promises and what is Ratio Six all about!

I’ve been working in and around the specialty coffee industry since 2008, and I will definitely stay. I love the business, the culture and people around the coffee scene. What drives me, what do I search for? To put it simply: the perfect cup of coffee.

That perfect cup of coffee can sometimes be hard to brew. We at Standout Coffee have so many remarkable competition style coffees and to give these coffees justice I need a brewer or an espresso machine that I can trust. I need to be in full control of the brewing process.
A week ago, all of us Standout Coffee got to start brewing on the Ratio Six and also became resellers of this beast of a coffee brewer. So, what makes the Ratio Six take that extra step up the podium to be, in our eyes, the MVP of all coffee brewers?
For me, the answer is acidity.
A cup of coffee should have the corner pieces of sweetness and acidity and bitterness to build the foundation of an amazing cup of coffee. This is what I refer to as taste balance. What really stands out when we brew on the Ratio Six is the clear and vibrant acidity that we find in our cups, and I am quite confident that  the closed brewing chamber with the bloom function gives the acidity its full potential. Acidity is not always easy to bring out of a cup of coffee, something that the Ratio Six consistently archives with its  functions and technical design.

We are more than impressed by this brewer looking forward to many more cups in the future!
- Oskar from Standout Coffee